måndag 22 januari 2018

For the English reader extents

People who must to be ugly, need power power is ugly – weak people need great sexually strong idols – in billion copied – so find strength to live - they are far away, unreachable, idiots believe they work to be one of them… they believe it is a play – work their way “up” and die on the way… they live like machines eat just to herk of yawn and pretend to laugh…

Cold feelings are out when your cock enter the cunt… onanists pre cognitate to enter the fucking cunt – who maybe wishes then between her legs – tortured and runned…

Anna is gruesomely cute when my oxygene cuts her cunt -  what precognitions I have of this being something…

If you do not have to be cocaine with fortune in suastica ,I am not interested – said Klas Östergren

Summer is cumen, for the ones who do not know where to put their feet, their lives will be snatched for looks and the royal wedding … one has reached the possessive position of a title if heart is dead I will tell her life will be short and meaningless… I do not believe in No Thing…

The late goose calls over summer beaches – where the wind turns now morning calls south in distance the late goose rises calls… darkness falls a late goose calls over summer beaches where the wind turns cold it burns ripples on a thin young arm – who went to his parents but threw himself out…

Robert Christie Hanged on 1053 the same year Chenso Chano born…

All women are essentially kids!

These fucking guys! I do not want anything to do with them, they destroy poisonously false! Every single acquintance I have got! Poisonous snakes!

Mano depressive polarity without outer reasons, uncontrolled fits of rage!

About Lenin in Juri Linas book Under the sign of the scorpio…

True forgiveness Lies not in the sexual embrace (only) but in your tears! Forgiveness takes pain! To pine for the sexual embrace I Godly – but a little too much Grace… To suffer without any pleasing goal at all – Is Heavenly Grace which (can) Goes For us all…

Everybody should fuck! Sexual love cleans my ears!
“fuck me! Fuck  me!” the porno star!
Of orgasm love bathing in orgons of blue white sperm I love you!

Breathtaking women be pornostars “that sweet little cunt in seventh grade…”
The men who condemns condemns himself – of spontainious uncommercial love!

Fuck psucking red… a true poet on the devils side without knowing it…

Cigarette package… lottery without luck…  thing thrown on the grimed…

Women that love art
Artist that love sexual women!

I do not know what poetry is… the name that can be named? Is not an eternal name…
Do not know what I write – myself surprised!
Can you define mark us!
What defined? Never! Never!
Buddhism is the Great Learning not teaching!

It is what you do that makes another heart Praise and Love You!
If we do not Love ourselves today , who will Love us another day!
And all the lousy poets tries to sound like Charlie Manson… poor you, if we love Charlie Manson we do not have to kill anybody, if we love William S. Burroughs, we do not have to be junkies and be hated by our children and kill Jane!

There is something stronger than death and that is loves

Musician intellectual
Intellectual musician
Let the contraries meet!
Marcus BM became The Poet
Marcus Be Em

I do not wish to be beautiful if I lack truth

Poor Lonely and Mad But Great!

God – Godly poets!
Hovering in The Air

God, the wind in the sails of the boat

Easy to die!
Hard to live!

Hard to Buddistically die!
Easy to slavishly live!

Every Godly poet can be criticised without being moved!

Learning  to handle evil thoughts!

Violating learning to be evil!
Himself sexual evilness!
The people need to expose their cunts!

A motor is a machine run by oil! (or electricity)

Condemning of evil violence, is the people!

Evil violence the fourth element.

Feminism (really is) red freeing angels of womanly love
Freeing men making them come to heaven above!

It is dangerous but the longing for life is strong!
To be fucked!

Jesus Christ is in every body!
Everybody where he is after sought!

The only test
For holiness
When anybody in the mountains
Meets a tiger!

It is written! But it isn’t a law…

A new Stalin
Screaming wanting hatred
Orgasm in his pants
Spilled women around a poet…

The holy cow of God…

I hate all living beings!... saith the greatest lover!

A man around love!
A couple ruins their affair – meaning love
He does not care…

The woman crying for her secret Love!

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