torsdag 19 oktober 2017

even if you are world famous you can still speak in joy, and do wrong; guard no position,
'who are you to say all those beautiful things?'
'I am Allahs slave...'
and the women who rejects their husbands willy nilly, 'I have never received anything good of you at all' goes towards Hell...established aartists truths might also live as long as 'live and let live'

establishment is rather racistical , and this stiffles them, todays negro is 'television and computer games'
but remember the child is innocent! heritage is a test, as well as poor heritage, though cultivated heritage is to prefer can not hang around with an old black rocking punk

Liquefactionisterna dyrkar Buddha - och i ignorans om att Buddha dyrkar Allah försöker göra alla själar till en - deras rangordning - deras rangordning  är en exklusiv Phallos utan grund - Buddha är ej ens medveten om deras dyrkan - att inse Insikt Buddha talade redan i vaggan och hans väg var tillåten 1100 år framöver - Profet Muhammad

hardrockers are hardly hypocritical they know the world is hard and dress alike though their idols for mental slavery and deceitful freemasonry- secretly fight - as strength is put proritée the mind destroy itself in rebel - praying can be a sin if you are in a state of zikhr ; 'you can't waste time without injuring eternity, all we have to lose are our pushers and we don't need them W.S.B.
to reestablsih their status in the mental world - many people commit crimes because they have inability to general benign imagination to forbid from distance golden flash speak - closer silver silent weak - one severe point in reading D.H. Lawrence - is to never be paranoid about good women born in rich families - 'good as good' man ser aldrig sig själv när man rådnar one never sees ones own face as blushes man får fånga honom med strumporna - really dangerousperson this you think he notices nothing but really remembers every -

Divinia comedia ; a human is only human; as he verbally interprets seeks inspiration from Allah and decerns spiritually  David Charley Chamone - Torsten Föllinger was the least vain personality I have ever met - though he had world famous pupils -

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