onsdag 25 oktober 2017

Best Siraj... I write to you to clarity certain questions... yesterday I came early in the morning after Fajr to help Qaari Nadim's relative to clean I understodd he requested me the day before but since this person had threathened me showed up for Maghrib I had to go when I came he stood outside so I took an extra stroll not wanting to reveal my location the next hours - as I returned there was  no one i sight since the Mens Masjid was lcoked I went up to the womens department and started cleaning there - I do not know whu but Qaari came out of the toilet and looked funny at me - I started vacuum cleaning as I had not got enough food to eat for several days and no food yet that day - I took a break after doing the big entrance "hall" and one of the smaller rooms to the left - furthest back - the sun was rising a perfect view made me forget time until Qaari Nadim came and started suggestingn I sat there to watch some 'girls' in the opposite building he told me I did not have permission to be in "the womans department" although I had been orderd two times before to clean it I became upset and roared that  if I will go home now I will not come back - the cleaner who understood french told me that "there is no need to clean here"... I showed him a lot of dirt lying in the room I was about to cean he admitted "no permission" what is this for a kind of permission that has been withdrawn from me so suddenly? so I  went down and cleaned the entrance hall of the mens dearment then he opened the masjid I was about to begin to clean when he ordered me to take on the most time wasting time taking and sickening technique I have ever seen - drawing the nozzle  backwards! previously he ordered me to push it to and fro! and he claimed that if you only push ut forward it destroys the carpet! now I have spoken with two persons I know about this technique one Eve Riimus the second working in a high quality food shop they both agreed upon that my technique was thge best and most effective - what a cleaner! I told him that since he does not like my way of working he can do it himself today 7 November 2012 I arrive 12 o clock to the Zohr prayer - the "cleanr" tells me to open the masjid suggesting I think that I should begin to swoop it - since I have not yet got the last meal of food he promised and will not have money to buy food until the evening - In Shaa Allah - I return after opening the masjd sitting in the kitchen - I did not do like he suggested and left the key unguarded outside his washingroom - this person who has recently had  a by pass operation comes and greets me I greet him back - then he demands h´the key - he does not ask me to open Afzals shop since I see the  key as the cleaners valuable personal belonging I want first to ask him. He says something in Ordo which I fail to understand and pushes the key away again to make sure I uderstand correct (and to not let the other mans accusation that I have taken the cleaners key he is always accusing me for my "neglectfulnes"  when I recite arabic he fills in just I make a paus and claims I do not kniw it when I am about to eat he accuses me for not washing my plate etc) I knock on the bathroom door one more time this time the cleaner throws the ke forcefully out of the bathroom I shrugh my shoulders it is not my responsibility anymore... the bu pass idiot says 'you are a very stupid person...' I answer 'It is you who are stupid' then comes what I was afraid of 'do you work here? I work here...' 'yes actually I work here...' I say 'he has asked me to help him' 'get out of here!...'  (or he said 'go away) I try to get hold of you but you seem not to be home - so I take my shoes and go... since there are now persons which has behaved very idiotic and threatening towards me I will not come until I am invited again...

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