tisdag 31 oktober 2017

Barnets predikan "gör som jag vill!" på altarets plats står den icke still. Är det nog att vittna om Gud?

happy dying an infamous famous 'know it all' your blood splashed upon a subway wall,
like the handshake of a freemason going through your soul as a wave of oil coming into your clean water,

water and oil
"God damn! It boils!"

like lamps of fastly vibrating life - getting nowhere
remember your wife!
like scars on a beautiful chin - or a meadow destroyed by poison and a lovely wind!
Things happen very fast, what you longe for it came at last!

Att vara störd betyder i Sverige intet annat än att man stör någon, undra hur det är på andra ställen -

I need a good conscience to do all I can to do things better I get something I spread it to the winds - freedom nothing left, nothing is lost and nothing is left behind
I would rather have calmness of heart than all the richness and respect of the world, I would rather know everybody than everybody knowing me,like electrical music of rapid in a beautiful ladies vars - or like her direct holding in a guy signab (vigin?) with shepreulede unity play up a scene, of black unrequested love! making seas of joy fall in sadness from the heavens above!
like a station with souls screaming for love! Silent unopenly prey of violance - and misgivings like missing a train and being angry at the fat guard of brown muscles who threw you out at the club, like the thought of you being or becoming famous or the asoni c attach of fat heads of evil drowning their lives!

If we shake the hand of sin we are apt to loose not win!

poeten som blev så känd igenom att göra Ingenting, detta blir då porten till ditt eget Helvete in!

Jag lovade att det är en pojke och att han har ljust hår!

Fan! det lurade tillochmed mig

Att känna dödens andedräckt!

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