fredag 29 september 2017


And the bottoms ?

he greeted to Benny Andersson, whom wished all bills away because of 32 000 bacterias....

Benny Andersoon 'Metallica' bought microphones from the Master Microphone builder Didrik de Geer...

Herbert von Karajan began the odious habit of giving a microphone to every instrument de Geers tehniche was 'simple' he constructed one microphone every two months or so sold for 300 000 kronor...

False sceen in the filmatisation of The Lord of the Rings Buckleberry ferry is a big ferry over a big river and a black rider was divined only further corssing safely to the other shore

Drug addicts are not to be judged in societies controlled by free masons , as we are allowed to use the same weapon as an enemy uses against us
so brainwash

As a film is unformable undigestible by imagination it possesses the mind like minus degrees

a documentary instilles further exploration a made up story the crazy possessiveness to admire and be ruled by the secret of the manuscript author and production team...

acting especially in films if forbidden according to the prohivition of portrait making the lines are forbidden to depict an actors true face is only permssible object to depict that is when he is n o t   acting

'du gör det oftare än andra människor i alla fall...' sa Kornal Kowics med sin lätta ironi, han såg gärna att Nils Sieg Heliade dock var han reluctante att göra det själv Nils Sieg Heilade så ofta han orkade riskera fyra månaders fängelse det hade blivit en besatthet pågrund utav förbudet när hjärnan var klar vågade han ta sats sträcka höger hand ifrån hjärtat i en hälsning till Änglarna visan...

skizophrenia like having a cold

as warmth comes you shiver

and Les Fleurs de Maal grows as warmth begins to effect the soul
this is the highest state
one stuck in sublimity can reach

1. Ulrich Schultz
2.  Beggar by ströget selling Beggar magazine with black brown dog small (may Allah curse him)

As Tom Bombadillis wife Goldberry exclaimed 'no! that would be a burden if something! each thing belongs to itself Tom is the Master'

'tendning by day or by night' Tom Bombadill reminds us of a real street muscician

who performs on the street out of overjoyousness like William Wordsworths poem

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