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Review on Rick and Morrie

Review on Rick and Morrie


As the name suggests the show is advertisement for the psychopatic oppression over the diagnosed – Rick an antihero bent upon psychopatic shilliness – barthered with interest for supernatural phenomenas – is literary telling Morrie – whom has missed a lot in school ’seven hours in two months’ to stuck up some corns in his ass – that makes him ’superintelligent’ (instead of the dumbening effect extra intelligens – a ’chosen’ theme

Then there is the mentioning of T-E- Lawrence – ‘planet hiearchy’ with the angle that they are allowed to shoot down since ‘they are just beaurocrats’


The ‘creator’ (and many ‘fans ‘ here goes up on a ‘vow’ (to write!)) themselves says the slop was taking a long time to write (thinking about how idiotic they are) most people today seems stuck in media –politics – it is enough something is ‘produced’ and they begin to ‘mo’! about how ‘good it is’—so – a producer is mainly the only thing they need (materialism)


Morries mother is a heart-surger (to mask the fact that the character operates heart dying of   yearning for her attention)


So – the first program is basically a soup cooked upon producing these archetypes –

‘Simpsons’ is gifted – you get to learn things and parody there is repetition of meanace- in a form eailsy gripped –

This parody is upon no subject discernable – since – especially – it is a cartoon upon futurism – so that there is no weight of reality at all necessary…

What is wrong with Simpsons – is that facts are put on another – that are not real – but part of  the fake cartoon world they have constructed –


This causes the mind to process itself into repeating meaningless garbage as in Suura 2, 17 –


‘it is like a man who lit a fire – but when it illuminated the faces around – their light was taken from them – and left them in total darkness – now they cannot see anything ‘


Simpsons is a skizo beam – presses the beholder down into Pons . As in all Simpsons – the facts are fatal – ‘reexperience of conception is fatal ‘ William S. Burroughs writes in Place of dead roads


In this sense the made up facts clog the mind – and so  the watcher is in peril for unseriousness –


So the basic lack of psychological reality foundation – makes the separate cartoon world a meance to the mind.


The incommon trait of this is the lack of Venus and marriage – in the reality foundation.

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